APRIL 2020 ~ &flowers, Karen Toole, 15 other women owned companies and myself made 400 flower bouquets for essential workers at various Pitts, hospitals. Thru GoFund Me we raised $4,000, and with Zoom Karen gave a wonderful tutorial. Food and wine was donated thru companies so we could enjoy the event. 

"Good evening- I just wanted to reach out to you guys and tell you thank you. Thank you for making my week a little brighter. As a healthcare worker these last couple weeks have been very trying- an emotional roller coaster to say the least and to walk out of work on a Friday evening after a very long, exhausting work week, being handed the most beautiful bouquet of flowers brought tears to my eyes. You were the true hero’s today. Please pass this message along to whoever handed me my bouquet. Your kindness will never be forgotten!!"

Washington Post, & Getty Images, Global News Clip ~ Acknowledged as expert in international weddings And customs by the Washington Post.

YES ~ That is me with Monte Durham from "SAY YES TO THE DRESS". He is so charming and knowledgeable. A big fan of Washington, D.C.. Excellent conversation!

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